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What is Fletch Fest?

Fletch Fest is a week-long celebration of human creativity! Artists, musicians, game developers, and more all get together to create something that is unique to them. If the submission is human-made, then anything goes! You can treat this like a prompt-list, game jam, demo compo, or any of those other time-constrained jams!

Why Fletch Fest?

Ever since starting an online presence, I've always strived to create an online community where creativity can thrive, and this week-long event is the best way I could think of to celebrate how amazingly creative humans are. It is celebrated during the yearly anniversary of my first stream on Twitch!

What can I submit?

You can submit any of the following:
  • Art
  • Music
  • Game
  • Writing
  • Performance
  • ... and more!
The only requirement is that your submission is made by a non-artificial entity (or a team of non-artificial entities). In other words...

Any submissions that use AI at any point in their creation will be thrown out.

How do I submit?

Fletch Fest 2024 is over now. You can plan for Fletch Fest 2025 to happen sometime next March! Stay tuned.
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