a white wireframe model of a rubber duck

fletch makes stuff

Hey there! My name is Fletch.

I am a game developer, content creator, and friend. I like to create small games that are short enough that you can play on your lunch break.
I also stream on Twitch, playing games (and sometimes making them!) live with a cozy community of artists, game developers, and people who want to know more about game development.
Every year, I host a week-long creativity jam called Fletch Fest! You can submit anything you want - a game, some art, a performance, anything! We just love celebrating the beautiful reality that humans are creative beings. You can expect the next Fletch Fest to take place in March 2025.
Want to see some of the stuff I've made? The best place to find it would be itch.io, where I post all of the game jams and projects that I work on!
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